Smoke Detector Test Equipment

Standards throughout the world require the testing of fire detection systems in a safe and controlled manner.

The Solo range of tools offer a professional solution to Standards' requirements, testing all makes and types of smoke, heat and CO (Fire) detectors mounted up to 9m.

Solo tools are unique in that they are completely interchangeable with each other. Each of the tools fit on all of the poles within the range, offering a high quality solution that repays the investment in a matter of weeks, when compared to traditional methods of testing.

image tester

Solo A3 Aerosol Test Gas Can


- UL listed and Detector Manufacturer Endorsed Formula

- Non-flammable

- Lowest cost per test

- Fastest activation

- Fast clearing time

- Non-Toxic

- No Phthalate Esters

- No silicon content

- Ozone friendly with no CFCs

- Sensor safe – does not damage plastic casing or internal circuitry

- Oil free formulation

- No residue


duster image

Solo A7 Detector Duster Aerosol


- Non-flammable

- Powerful

- Simple to use

- Non-abrasive

- Large 250ml size


pole image

Solo 100 Telescopic Pole


- Four sections

- Extends from 1.26m to 4.5m

- Enables access to detectors fitted up to 6m / 20'

- Accepts three Solo 101 to reach 9m / 30'


extension pole

Solo 101 Extension Pole

- Single section 1.13m / 3.5’

- Enables access to detectors fitted up to 2.5m

- Connects to Solo 100, Solo 108 or additional Solo 101s for greater heights


removal tool image

Solo 200 Detector Removal Tool


- Universal design - suits most detectors

- Suitable for use on angled ceilings

- Lightweight

- Compatible with Solo access poles

- Lifetime warranty


330 smoke dispenser image

Solo 330 Smoke Dispenser


- Dispenser and patented diaphragm contain particles – conserves
test gas / smoke

- Test gas / smoke not directed at detector-sensor not swamped with
particles and detector residue prevented

- Strong and durable yet lightweight for daily use

- Spring-loaded mechanism renders it touch sensitive – for suspended ceilings 

- Clear cup and diaphragm enables view of the detector LED while testing

- Universal - suits most detectors

- Interchangeable with all other Solo tools on Solo poles

- Lifetime Warranty

- Smaller cup of Solo 330 contains vast majority of the world’s detectors
without being unwieldy and oversized


cordless image

Solo 461 Cordless Heat Detector Tester


- Battery powered

- No cables or cords – completely portable

- Directs heat straight at detector

- Suits fixed temperature and rate of rise and combination detectors up to 194°F / 90°C

- Set detectors into alarm within seconds

- Rechargeable – even from vehicle

- Safe for use at low level or at heights


  pdf iconDownload Smoke Detector Test Equipment Brochure