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England - July 1st 2007

Are You Prepared?

A complete ban on smoking in enclosed spaces comes in to force in England on

July 1st 2007.

The legislation states that in order to comply with the ban, The business Owner /

CEO must Take “all reasonable steps to ensure that no one smokes

on the premises.”

Under the new legislation, the proposed penalties are:

Person smoking on premises £50-00 fixed Penalty

Business Owner Up to £2,500 fine

Failure to display No smoking Signs £1,000 fine

“Providing they [building owners] can show they spoke to the individual and said

‘excuse me, smoking by law is not allowed here, please put your cigarette out,’

then they would have taken all reasonable steps.” Steve Harvey—Public Health

Installing Cig-Arrête® can prove you took all ‘reasonable steps.’ - especially in

areas that are difficult to supervise such as toilets and hidden areas. It also provides a non-confrontational way of communicating with the smoker— human

intervention is not needed.

The Cig-Arrête® tobacco Control and detection system involves individual units

which can be mains or battery operated. The units can detect small oncentrations

of tobacco smoke or the flame from a match or lighter and sound a prerecorded

voice message alerting smokers to the fact that they are in a no smoking

area and to extinguish their cigarette.

Highly sensitive, the units have been used in hundreds of schools. Hospitals and

workplaces. When smoking bans were introduced in Scotland and Ireland many business owners faced problems monitoring their toilets and other hidden areas. By installingCig-Arrête® they were able to monitor these areas 100% of the time and protect themselves from prosecution.

These low cost units can even be used outside—weatherproof versions are

available and can cover building entrances and exit points that are subject to

rapid ventilation. The messaging capability of these products provides an audible reinforcement of a company’s commitment to the smoking ban and can be an invaluable tool should action ever be taken against an organisation or individual business owner.

Products that can enable you to go smoke free:

For as little as£100 you could avoid a fine of£2,500.

Remove the need for human confrontation - the voice messaging capability of

the units communicates with the smoker.

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cigarette smoke detector image

Cigarette Smoke Detector


- Designed to detect a flame lighting a cigarette

- Fully self-contained, battery operated flame detector and voice sounder

- 120 degree field view

- Operates from 1 x 9v standard alkaline PP3 battery

- Tough, aesthetic, brilliant white GRP housing

- Provides clear voice message at 90dB output in alarm, with volume control

- Built-in alarm relay for connection to remote equipment (contacts rated at 1A 24V dc)

- May be remotely powered using an optional 6v power supply (part CSA - SMPSU)